Support Disability Services at CU-Boulder

To learn more about the impact your gift can make, contact:

Amanda Young Stewart
Associate Director of Development
CU Foundation – Campus Programs

Funding Priorities
Disability Services receives institutional funding that allows us to provide the services and accommodations required by the ADA. However, our excellence is built on going above and beyond what is required by statute – personal relationships and innovative solutions are what make Disability Services at CU-Boulder unique.

As part of the University of Colorado’s $1.5 billion campaign, Creating Futures, we have established the following funding priorities for Disability Services at CU-Boulder. We hope this list inspires you to call and learn more about how private contributions will ensure that Disability Services moves into the future with the same level of excellence we have built over our first 37 years.

  • Named spaces within the Disability Services suite at the Center for Community – This new home for our office, a space that far surpasses our past location in terms of accessibility, visibility, and community feel, includes a student lounge, testing room, private meeting spaces, and an Alternate Format Production and Access Center (AFPAC). Support for the building fund by naming a space within our suite will further signify the importance of a strong DISABILITY SERVICES office for the whole campus.
  • Student Assistive Technology Fund – Many of our students would benefit from having access to their own assistive technology equipment but do not have the ability to purchase it. This is particularly difficult for students who need technology in the classroom to make note-taking and studying productive. The Student Assistive Technology Fund would allow us to award grants to qualifying students in the form of assistive technology items such as Live Scribe pens, notebooks, and laptop computers.
  • Internship Fund – There are several internship programs specifically for students with disabilities, but many do not cover the costs of relocation and housing for the summer. An internship fund would allow us to support high-achieving students to participate in incredible opportunities that they might not be able to accept otherwise, due to associated costs.